PPC Adwords campaign for ACME

By Quoters.io

In New York

Valid until February 9, 2021

Version 1

Hi, Jane!

During the past week we have met several times to know more about ACME and its vision to tailor the best strategy for this project.

We are enthusiastic about working with you on this PPC campaign for your sneaker store. 

Let's go!


Our main objective for this campaign is increasing traffic via Google Ads and improve SEO for ACME, so the store and products are more visible. And, of course, increasing ARPU.

To achieve this, we will work on a process. Steps will be part of a strategy for the future. 


A project tailored for ACME

We need to take the following steps to achieve success.

Keyword research

We will review all the positioning keywords of your website to find the best value ones.

Competitors review

To improve performance as well as return and efficiency, we need to review your competitors to find out how they are investing and their behaviour on Google.

Website optimization

One of the key parts of this project will be an store review. This will lead to some optimizations for better conversions. Texts, images, load times and even UX will be checked on this stage. This is optional and will require additional developer hours at 100$/hour rate.

Google Ads campaign

Once all the abovementioned stages are done, we will configure and start the Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) PPC campaign to increase sales and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

The team

Aleesha Ortiz
Marketing Manager

John Smith
Strategy Director

Jane Montenegro
Project Manager


Keyword Research 1  2,500.00  2,500.00
Competitors review 1  3,500.00  3,500.00
Google Ads (recommended per month) 1  6,000.00  6,000.00
Website optimizations 1  7,800.00  7,800.00

TOTAL: $ 12,000.00

Guidelines to follow

  • The team is available to start working in October 2020.

  • The project starts as soon as we receive your invoice payment marked “Start marketplace project ACME”.

  • When our work begins, we’ll create a definitive, detailed calendar with the actions to be performed and their estimated date of completion.

  • Delays in the provision of information and materials requested of the client will result in a delay in the project of at least the same duration (depending on the team’s workload).

  • Possible causes of delay not attributable to Quoters.io are as follows:

    • New and unplanned versions of the CMS to use.
    • Potential vulnerabilities detected in the code that require finding alternative solutions to those proposed.
    • Accesses to the definitive hosting being made available to our systems team.
    • Shutdown of proposed services.

Payment terms

Before the project starts, payment of 50% of the amount shall be made by transfer on the invoice date. Upon delivery of the first final version of the website, 25% of the amount shall be paid by transfer within 30 days of the invoice date. After the loading tests and resolution of any production issues, the remaining 25% shall be due within 30 days of the invoice date.